Nutrition & Wound Healing

Nutrition & Healing
Nutrition & Healing
Nutrition & Healing

Helping Wounds Heal

What you should eat

Include targeted nutrition drinks with added arginine, HMB, and Glutamine in addition to your complete, balanced diet

Sometimes even a balanced diet with the right calories may not be enough to help a wound heal. That’s where Juven® comes in. Juven contains a blend of three wound-healing ingredients that go above and beyond basic nutrition to help promote wound healing,1,2 build lean body mass (LBM),3-5 and support immune function.2 

Learn more about how these ingredients can support wound healing:

  • EHMB helps protect proteins from breaking down in your body, which helps build up new tissue
  • Arginine increases blood flow and builds proteins
  • Glutamine supports the immune system and promotes new tissue

Drinking 2 packets of Juven per day has been clinically shown to support wound healing in as little as 2 weeks.1,*

For more details on how to administer Juven, read “Juven Usage and Storage Instructions ” below, and view our recipes section for easy and delicious ways to incorporate Juven into your balanced diet.

Juven Usage & Storage Instructions:

  • Juven should be mixed with 8–10 fl oz of water or other liquid
  • Juven can be mixed with fruit juice, yogurt, applesauce, ice cream, or other foods and beverages to add variety
  • Juven can be mixed ahead of time
  • Store in a clean container and consume within 4 hours if kept at room temperature or 24 hours if stored in a refrigerator
  • Use within 24 hours
  • Juven is available in Fruit Punch and Orange flavors, and Unflavored

Advice for Eating a Complete, Balanced Diet During Wound Healing:

  • Protein builds new skin and muscle
  • Glutamine helps cells produce the building blocks needed for new tissue
  • HMB helps produce new tissue by slowing muscle breakdown and supporting protein synthesis
  • Arginine supports blood flow and is a building block for proteins, which can contribute to healing
  • Foods high in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C, help reduce your risk of infection and promote healing
  • Drinking adequate fluids maintains hydration to support your circulation
  • Maintaining muscle and organ tissue is vital for normal healing, and proper nutrition plays an important role. If you do not receive proper nutrition, your body may use muscle protein for energy!

* In healthy elderly adults.

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