Nutrition & Wound Healing

Nutrition & Healing
Nutrition & Healing
Nutrition & Healing

Tips for managing wound healing over time

Wound healing: What to expect

Be patient, not discouraged


Healing takes time. In fact, some wounds, including incisions, can take a year1 or more to fully heal. Don’t be discouraged if you experience a setback. Just continue to follow your doctor’s guidance. Here are a few tips to help:


  • Take pictures of your wound twice a week so you can see the progress. You may forget how far you’ve come
  • Follow the wound care plan for the care and management of your wound or incision

  • If you’re unsure about a wound care technique, ask your health care provider for guidance

  • Focus on your diet and getting the necessary nutrition that supports wound healing. That may include increased protein and a nutritional supplement like Juven®


Use Juven under medical supervision in addition to a complete, balanced diet.

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