Healthcare Professionals


Recommended Administration Schedule and Procedures for Juven®

Juven is a therapeutic nutritional supplement that provides critical nutrients to support wound healing. It should be used under the supervision of a medical professional and in addition to a complete, balanced diet. Juven can be taken orally or administered as a modular via a gastrostomy or nasogastric feeding tube.


dose dose dose
  • 2 packets per day
  • Orally
  • Gastrostomy or nasogastric feeding tube.

Administering Juven orally:

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Juven should be mixed with 8-10 oz of water or other liquid. Juven can be mixed into hot items, such as coffee or tea, as long as the liquid is below boiling point.

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Additional serving suggestions:

Juven can be mixed with a variety of foods to accommodate your patients’ diets. We recommend unflavored Juven to be mixed into foods. View our recipes for more ideas.

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Mixing and storage instructions:

Juven can be mixed ahead of time. Store in a clean container and consume within 4 hours if kept at room temperature or 24 hours if stored in a refrigerator. Packets are shelf-stable for 2 years.

Administering Juven through a
gastrostomy or nasogastric feeding tube:

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  • Do not mix Juven with formula in a tube-feeding bag
  • Pour one packet of Juven in a clean, small (approximately 6- to 8-fl-oz) container for mixing
  • Add 4 fl oz (120 mL) water at room temperature
  • Mix well with disposable spoon or tongue blade until all particles are completely hydrated
  • Verify correct tube placement
  • Flush feeding tube with 30 mL water
  • Administer Juven through feeding tube using a 60-mL or larger syringe
  • Flush with an additional 30 mL water (a smaller amount of water can be used to flush the tube if the patient is on a fluid- restricted diet)