Healthcare Professionals


Juven® supports healing
for various wounds

Juven is targeted nutrition therapy to support wound healing in patients with inadequate nutrition, such as those with:

Support Wound Healing

Recommend 2 packets of Juven per day

Nutrition intervention can be critical when your patients are healing from pressure injuries or wounds caused by trauma or surgery.

Juven has been clinically shown to support wound healing by enhancing collagen production in as little as 2 weeks.1,2,* Collagen formation is critical in the wound healing process.

Juven helps replenish the critical nutrients needed for wound healing, including:



An amino acid that promotes blood flow and protein production, 3 which can contribute to wound healing

collagen protein

Collagen Protein

A type of protein that stimulates internal collagen formation7



An amino acid that supports new tissue development4 and the immune system5



Vitamins C, E, B12, and zinc support the wound healing process8



A leucine metabolite that protects muscle cells and maintains muscle tissue6

*Studied in both healthy elderly and patients with diabetic foot ulcers, taking 2 servings per day, as measured by hydroxyproline levels.

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